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The purpose of A Trifling Reference is to provide a cross-reference of those cases undertaken by Consulting Detective, Mr. Sherlock Holmes, that were chronicled by his friend and colleague, John H. Watson, M.D. There are currently two indices: Publication Dates & Title Codes details the dates of publication of Watson's writings (chiefly in the Strand magazine), and gives a list of the popular abbreviated title codes to aid scholarly discourse. The Internal Chronologies gives a comprehensive listing of the internal chronologies, as compiled by Messrs Bell, Christ, Brend, Zeisler, Baring-Gould and McGowan. The indices can be reordered in accordance with the reader's preference.

The reader can also search Watson's chronicles. Search the Canon provides a free-text search through any or all of the writings. It offers a comprehensive means of narrowing the search to groups of stories, individual stories, or combinations thereof.

In the listings and search results, the blue book icon links to the full text of that story.

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